Korean Drinking Culture

Drinking Soju in Korea

Drinking is part of Korean culture.  In older days, only the men drink, women don't drink.  Nowadays, most women enjoy drinking like men. 

Drinking session is a norm in Korean business culture.  The Korean businessman believes that it is through drinking that a good relationship can be built between the supplier and customer.  Korean solves any problem they have in business while they are drinking.
The younger generation normally pour the soju to an elder, his boss, or his customer of older age, as a sign of respect.  He actually pours it onto his own glass that he has used before, and gave it to the elder.  However, these only happens between two Koreans.  If they want to pour the soju to a foreigner, foreign elder or foreign customer, they will pour it to the foreigner's glass.  The elder who is offered such a drink will finish the glass of soju at one go.

The Koreans always use this tiny little glass for drinking hard liquor or soju.  Before the drinks is poured into the glass, the glass must be emptied (by drinking) first, in one gulp. So, in one seating, Koreans can drink so much liquor and get high at the end of the session.

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