South Korea Today - A 4G city. Seoul - A Fast-paced City. Speed is the essence.

South Korea, a highly technology advanced place, are seeing older and younger people using 4G technology, where browsing the web on smartphone is a norm. Speed is the essence.

People in Seoul are moving fast. In public transport area such as the complex and well-networked subway, people are seen rushing, hurrying, and pushing.  A scene you want to avoid during peak hours. Again, speed is the essence.

In school, children are tested based on speed. Speed reading, speed calculation, speed writing.

That's how Korea catches up with the rest of the world. In fact, overtaking them.

Apple revolutionized the mobile industry with iphone. Yes, it created a shock wave in people's life globally. But it didn't last long. Samsung, a South Korean conglomerates, takes over in such a short time.  Now, Samsung seemed to have overtaken Apple.

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